Saturday, July 18, 2015

Appreciable functionality by Twitter on the occasion of Eid

Good morning to all and wishing you Happy Eid!!!

I always being a fan of the Twitter team because of their habit of innovating smallest changes in User Interface which makes larger impact.

Today I am surprised when I saw the tweet that contains the hash tag with the word "Eid" is getting published with the "Islamic Calligraphic symbol" by default by twitter team.


You can see the screenshot where I've shown how the Twitter team has done this job fluently by adding small symbol in each hash tag containing the word "Eid".

The code behind this functionality you can see in the Firefox with the help of "Firebug" (Add-ones of Firefox), by right click and opening "Inspect Element" panel.

As a designer, I must want to appriciate and congradulate the twitter UX/UI team to have such a minimal change/addition with huge impact.

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