Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Smart Modifications In The User Interface Of Twitter

Twitter designers are always in hunger of making user experience better and better. There are few smart modifications I have mentioned in this article below.


There are 2 options for compose new tweet on the user’s home page.
First is in the left hand side below the user name and second is after search box on the top right corner. When I saw it first time I found it unreasonable, but when I went to any other user’s profile I have found first option as a space to reply that particular user and you compose a new tweet only if you write in the box at top right corner.
So finally I found it very correct!


If you open any tweet to read there is a space in between every tweet. To close all those tweets in a single click you can click the last option in the top right called as “Close all open Tweets”.


There is a very compact functionality if mouse over and mouse click on particular tweet.
In the image above firefox people tweeted 16hours back.If you  mouseover on 16h or on that particular cell area, time replaces with option “open”, “favorite”, ”retweet” and “reply” which stays  until I completely mouse out from that tweet cell area. If you click on open, “open” get replaced with “close” and you see how many people retweeted and marked as favorite to the perticular tweet and below that you will find shifting of the mouse over options, also few replies from other users to that particular tweet.

If somebody has tweeted link of a photo or a video you can see that in the opened tweet itself without moving you to other tab.

Such a clever use of space!


Instead of moving you to other tab twitter has given you popup box layer which is technically called as ibox when you reply, retweet, choose trend location and click to other user’s profile.


On the left hand side there is window “who to follow” showing 3 profile to whom twitter is recommending to follow. As soon as you click on refresh other 3 profiles get displayed, but the exciting part is in front of every profile there is cancel (x) sign which works as a refresh only.

If you find any new functionality change in twitter UI kindly comment here.

Note: All the screenshots of imagery are taken from my twitter account by print screen command